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26 Jan 2020

If you’re a self-publisher looking for a way to get more exposure for your book, then libraries might just be your secret weapon…

Tips to Get Books into Libraries!

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23 Dec 2019

I recently read an interview with Howard Lovy from Alli who confirmed what I had been feeling and thinking for sometime…

Older Authors Refuse to Fade Away!

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09 Dec 2019

Indie authors often start their self-publishing careers with ebooks and paperback formats. It seems however that the growth in abooks (audio) could give a compelling reason for an Indie author to look at expanding the range of formats offered…

Should You Publish Audiobooks?

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24 Nov 2019

I am sure many a writer has those moments when they ask themselves ‘should I do a workshop?’  The answer of course is yes - you should, no matter what level or expertise your writing is at…

To Workshop or Not

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11 Nov 2019

Although most Indie authors may plan never to retire from writing, it’s indisputable that we will all at some point leave this world for good. I know it is not a subject we normally talk about but death is something we will all face eventually…

Estate Planning

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15 Oct 2019

Popular advice states that in any publishing relationship, money should flow toward the author. It’s easy to see how that applies in the case of notorious vanity presses like Author Solutions, Austin Macauley, and Outskirts Press, companies with a reputation for extracting as much money from authors’ pockets as possible…

Money  Should Flow


Tips to Get Books into Libraries!

Older Authors Refuse to Fade Away!

Should You Publish Audiobooks?

To Workshop or Not

Estate Planning

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