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03 Sept 2021

Tell me? Do you know the difference between a good sentence, and a GREAT sentence?  One of the most interesting ‘writing rules’ I came across recently was while reading about Hemingway’s feelings on adverbs.  He absolutely hated them; calling them ‘lazy writing.’ For the uninitiated ….

WordsThat Ruin Sentences

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15 Aug 2021

One of the most important components of fantasy writing is world building as your fantasy world must be grounded in a history, and should abide by certain rules in order to persuade your readers to suspend their disbelief when you introduce the magic, fantastical beasts, and other….

Creating a Fantasy World

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16 July 2021

An essential part of the indie author’s self-publishing process is to input the metadata on the distribution platforms of your choice. Whilst you might hire other professionals do carry out some of the tasks involved in the publishing process, uploading the metadata…

Uploading Book Metadata

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29 Jun 2021

One of the greatest joys I get as an author is when I see a young writer also becoming a published author. As part of my Mentoring Writers project, I have been working with a variety of young writers over the years, even publishing some of their works successfully, and still, I find…..

Why Youngsters Amaze Me!

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09 June 2021

About three or four weeks ago lockdown appeared to have suddenly hit me. For a strong Yorkshire Lass like me, it felt strange. It wasn’t that I was suffering from Covid, it was just that, with the potential of our slowly starting to return to some form of normality, I began to wonder …..

Time Out For Me

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05 May 2021

Recently I completed recording the fourth interview in the Mentoring Writers ‘In Conversation With…’ series of interviews which I feature on my website and YouTube channel. The author I spoke to was a 2020 Mentee of Mentoring Writers, a debut novelist, and a member of Alli – the Alliance of Independent Authors. She spoke generously about her experience…..

How Storyboarding Can Help

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23 Apr 2021

I’ve talked about pet hates for book covers so in reverse I am going to give you some top tips for creating a good book cover. Knowing and understanding the constituent parts of a book cover can help you make the best marketing decisions when you design …

Tips for Good Book Cover Design

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07 Apr 2021

Have you often wondered how to get the best from using YouTube? Well, there are lots of people who will offer you tips to help you find out, but whether or not they are workable has to be down to the individual. It isn’t often we make the following disclaimer, but as…

YouTube Ranking & Discoverability

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02 Apr 2021

I have previously talked about showing not telling, and points of view and tenses. All these are useful elements to be aware of, and to get right, especially when writing dialogue. Writing something such as …

Getting Your Dialogue Right

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