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03 Sept 2020

Today, I am going to explain the step-by-step process for creating a USP that will help you make the most of your marketing and business planning activities.  Let’s start with the question as to what is a USP?

What is USP

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20 Aug 2020

With the rise of audiobook popularity, comes a familiar question: wide or exclusive? While Indie authors still struggle, even today, with the decision whether or not to publish their eBooks…

A Comparison of ‘ACX’ and ‘Findaway’ Voices

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11 Aug 2020

As an author and mentor, people often ask me, “How do you get published?” Now to me, that’s the wrong question. The hard part for most writers…

Simple Tips for Writing a Book

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07 July 2020

Yesterday I was asked should I be registering my work on a copyright register. I am often asked what is a Copyright Notice, what is it …

Why have a Copyright Notice

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28 June 2020

As an author there occasionally comes a time when I hit that frightening ‘gremlin’ called ‘writer’s block.’ This is either because I’m feeling tired, am frustrated over something, or the words just won’t come to me.

Words Mean a Lot To Me

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26 Apr 2020

All authors should ensure they have registered their books with PLR. If you need help then check out this brief summary on how to make sure you are eligble. It’s important you do so as not to miss out on any royalties due you from the Libraries.

How do I apply for UK PLR

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22 Apr 2020

On Monday my youngest grandchild, who is all of 5 years old, decided he needed to consult with his me, his Grandma.

Consultation Please - Grandma

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