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What an interesting time I’ve had recently. Following the launch of the new versions of Woodland Adventures the first six books set from the Little Friends Picture Story book Series I attended St Teilos School Xmas Fair.  I did feel sorry for the school as it decided to try and snow that day. And of course it was bitterly cold and icy which meant foot-fall wasn’t as great as last year. Still overall the event went quite well.

The following week I was invited to do an interview for the Dan Donnelly section titled The Way It Is on VCS Cardiff Radio. What an experience. Basically Dan wanted me to talk about how I had ended up living in Cardiff. The interview covered time before Cardiff, what was happening now and what I wanted for the future. Being pre-recorded over about 45 minutes meant any mistakes or hesitations could be edited out. The finished feature was, according to Dan, very good. I missed most of the ‘live’ performance as I was busy elsewhere so Dan has sent me a copy to listen to. I must say it’s very strange listening to yourself talk as one never sounds like you would expect to.

Christmas has now started approaching fast and so the merriment has begun. Parties, drinking, eating too much, lots of presents and fun and games. Being a grand-parent of children of different ages our celebrations seem to vary. They also began early. Presents, party games and a feeling of peace once  we returned home. With the older children, or I should say young women now as they are a lot older, it seems to be a lot easier. Presents become money which makes it easier for us and means they get to buy what they really want. Mind you they do all live in Australia!

As for us it will be Christmas followed by New Year celebrated here in Cardiff Bay.  Nice and relaxing. Perhaps it’s a sign of age when you prefer the peace and quiet to jigging around and getting drunk. Mind you at least if one gets drunk at home you are safe and warm when you fall over ha ha ha!

To anyone who has bothered to read this I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous and Happy New Year.

PS And if you want to start writing, or need help with your manuscript, poetry, novella etc then feel free to contact me at


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