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On Monday my youngest grandchild, who is all of 5 years old, decided he needed to consult with his me, his Grandma.  The message read we would talk in 5-10 minutes. When he hadn’t rung me within the allotted time, I was informed he would do so later as he was taking a ‘break time.’ I had to chuckle as his mother appreciates that as a mentor a lot of my time, especially these days, is taken up with online calls across various parts of the world. As such my time is usually pre-set.

Regardless he did decide to call me back to ask me a thought-provoking question – ‘did I like Bananas, Oranges or Strawberries the best?’ Obviously a very important question. Which has left me wondering what his home-schooling consists off? Still he certainly lightened the mood of the day.

As it turned out my grandson wasn’t the only person I consulted with this week as the day before I finally managed to face-time with one of the younger writers I have recently been mentoring. At thirteen she has started a series of short story books aimed at the seven plus age group. Her awareness of how the human race is treating our world has led her desire to educate other youngsters through her writing. She wants them to be more aware of what is happening to the wild animals of our world. And while it is just an adventure book, it clearly shows what many youngsters are thinking. Good on her I say.

Unfortunately, our discussion was not the happiest has I had to inform her that, at this moment in time, everything is on hold regarding publication of her story. We won’t be able to progress any further with the publisher until this virus situation is clear and things return to normal. The up side is that she is on the publishers waiting list so, pleasingly, she was fully acceptable and understanding in her attitude of the situation. Mind you she did take the opportunity to bounce quite a number of questions off me relating to sales, promotion and marketing. Me thinks this young lady has her head switched on and will develop into a bright young adult.

I must admit that being in lock down hasn’t overly affected me too much. And even though my office is only a five-minute walk away I have been adhering to the rules of staying indoors and social distancing. I’m not sure my hubby is pleased and/or disappointed by this turn of events. Only time will tell ha ha!

In the meantime, I have worked hard. I’ve reviewed a short story and a poem for two competitions; reviewed and edited a novel as well as added to a novel of my own which I have been working on for some time. Hopefully I will get this finished soon. Add to that the creation of forty podcast manuscripts and you could say lock down is working well for me. Next job is to set up a recording studio in the spare bedroom to start recording my podcasts. Should be fun!

If you are bored and fancy a challenge then why not have a go at the Mentoring Writers Writing Challenge. Entry is free and is open to anyone, writers or not, of all ages as long as you follow the rules. Check out this link for full details: Deadline is 30th June.

Go on… give it a go. Winners will be included in a Children’s Short Story Book to be published later in the year.

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