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This is Part Two of a series of blogs I should have been writing from 1st June.

Being ‘down under’ for nearly three months visiting family means filling my time when they are working or doing their own thing. This year I decided to make some pre-arranged meetings with local Gold Coast authors and members of Queensland SCBWI – the Society of Children’s Book Writers & illustrators.

Having made my links prior to leaving the UK I was delighted to meet up with a few of the ladies from The Ten Pennies writers’ group. They have been around a few years now and have written a collective of short stories for young adults with some success. One of the ladies, Marion, invited me to join her at Broadbeach Library where the Australian writer Ally Blake was giving a Romance Writing Workshop.

Ally has been a Mills & Boon UK author for some time, having just written her 36th book and regularly does these workshops. She is a very popular speaker and at only $5 (approx. £3) the two-hour event, with a cup of tea/coffee was well worth the visit. I was, along with all those attending, fortunate enough to receive a copy of the workshop notes.

The workshop was open to all and was sold out very quickly with a waiting list. I was fortunate to attend but then I did plead the cause that I was a UK author visiting Oz. Maybe that helped a little?

                                            Ally Blake & Myself                               Some Ladies from The Ten Penners                  

As a SCBWI member I regularly attend similar workshops in Cardiff with the members of the Welsh faction and find them both enjoyable and informative. Whether you are an experienced writer or a novice such events are a benefit. So, check your local library and internet for similar workshops and go along. Apart from learning a few things you also get to meet some fabulous people.

                                                           Society of Childrens Book Writers & Illustrators

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