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Step 1 - check if you and your book(s) are eligible

 Is your only or principal home in the UK or European Economic Area?

 Is your book published and does it have an ISBN?

 Are you named on the title page or entitled to a royalty payment from the publisher?

For more information visit the website (

If the answer to all three questions is YES, then go to Step 2.

If the answer to any of the three questions is NO then you may not be eligible for UK PLR.

Please contact the PLR office to check (

Step 2 – check which material and contributors are eligible

 Printed books and audio-books are all eligible for UK PLR. E-books and E-audio-books are also eligible for PLR for further information visit

 Writers, illustrators, photographers, narrators, translators, editors, adaptors/retellers, ghostwriters, producers (of audio-books) can register.

 If you are the author and sole contributor to the book, you can register 100%; otherwise you will need to agree shares. The percentage split should reflect your individual contribution. Please check the rules on shares using this link

 If you are not in touch with the other contributors, don’t worry, just apply for the share which accurately reflects your contribution.

 For audio-books, shares are fixed for each contribution type (

 You will need to know the ISBN for each title you are applying for. The following may be helpful: your royalty statements, the publisher, searching on Google books or Amazon. (Please be aware that Kindle editions and Amazon audible downloads are not eligible because they don’t have ISBNs but are issued with ASINs which are not eligible for PLR.)

 Make sure you apply for all editions of the same title - hardback, paperback, audio, ebook, large print, etc. Remember if they have different ISBNs, apply for each one separately. You do not need to reapply for ISBNs already registered.

Step 3 – apply for PLR

 The easiest way to apply is online.

 First apply for an online account

( For your first application only, you are required to produce two supporting documents. This is because registration for PLR must comply with level 2 of the eGovernment Registration and Authentication Framework.

 Once you have supplied the relevant supporting documents and your account has been activated, you can submit your books. Having an online account allows you to amend your details, send secure messages, access statements and apply to register a book at any time.

 Alternatively, you can download an application form (

 Or give the office a ring on 01937 546030 and we will post an application pack out to you.

Other important facts about PLR

 The PLR year runs from 1 July – 30 June. As long as we receive your application by 30 June, we will collect loans on your books from the previous July. Any payments will be made the following February.

 The UK PLR office also administers Irish PLR and you can register for both schemes at the same time and synchronise your details. (Please note there are different scheme rules for Irish PLR eg non-print material does not qualify for Irish PLR.)

 Under the UK scheme, you could earn up to £6,600, so it’s well worth registering, and it’s free to join!

 Remember to register all your new titles and new editions before the 30 June deadline each year to make sure that you don’t lose out on loans and PLR payments.

The PLR team are happy to answer any queries you have, please ring on 01937 546030 if you need assistance with your application.

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