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Well I am delighted to say I have received the first draft print copies of the second series of the Little Friends Picture Story Books - Garden Adventures. I have to say they are looking good but as is normal the print is all askew. Hey Ho that's the joy of POD which my publisher says will be sorted PDQ!!!

Anyway after going through them carefully I have done some word amendments and some image amendments and hopefully they now look better and are ready to be printed correctly.

Luckily the front covers have not been changed and unlike my copies of the first set of Woodland Adventures they include a bar code and retail price? Ha ha well, these things do happen sometimes.

I have to say people who have reviewed the books are also delighted with them so I hope once the last lot are complete I can start promoting them with a vengeance.

Having said that I must confess that when I set out to write these stories it was purely for my own pleasure. After all I am supposed to be retired so it was a way to keep the 'little grey cells working.' Although I will confess it has been an enjoyable experience being involved in the fictional writing world. And certainly different to the factual one.

And of course it has introduced me to a variety of different people who have made the last few years very interesting and enjoyable. It's true what they say you do need a hobby and once retired you wonder how you ever found time to work???


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