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I sometimes wonder if writer's block really exists. But I am sure it does. I only question this because my mind seems to be working overtime regardless of the fact that I have had the most horrendous cough and cold for the last 2 weeks. And that's for the second time in 3 weeks with a flu jab thrown in for good measure. Really I think I just need to find the energy to sit down and write down everything that is floating around in my brain.

Where do all these story ideas come from?

I recently came back from a few days away at Crewe Hall meeting up with a couple of friends from Yorkshire. Apart from a few hours out in Nantwich, which I loved, we spent the entire time catching up on what had been happening to us and our families respectively, eating and drinking. At least it took my mind of the awful cough and cold.

Returning to South Wales I spent Sunday meeting up with members of our local SCBWI Club. That's the Society of Children Book Writers & Illustrators. We are a worldwide membership and a very friendly group. I apologised in advance in case anyone began feeling a bit off later in the week. I hope not. Still it was a good get together where we offered a warm welcome to a couple of new members.

Funnily enough just before I left for the event, which fortunately was just across the road from me, I sat and typed up the beginning of a new book. So maybe my illness hasn't affected me as much as I thought it might. Now to just finish it!

Hey Ho back to the grindstone. Finishing the last Little Friends Picture Book Series ready for the publisher. And then on to completing my historical novel that has been on the go for about the last four years. Time to finish it ready for the New Year.

In the meantime I am bracing myself for a family Halloween get together later this week. I have agreed to dress up this year... still not sure about this. Only time will tell...Oooooooooo


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