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Author, Speaker & Mentor

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Website Awards:

 Association of Web Masters and Designers

The Golden Web Awards.

This Award was received 3 years running (2001/02; 02/03 & 03/04) and was given for Design, Creativity & Content on a Fitness Retail website offering products plus an extensive amount of information and advice.   All the informational content was written by myself.

It was one of the first websites of its kind and possibly one of the only  UK websites at that time to receive this Award.


BooksGoSocial Award for my novel

 ‘Dear Friends,’ Letters From Abroad.

*  *  *  *  *  *

‘The Cherry Award' from ABC Tales (Poetry)

‘I Woke Up This Morning’

Fictional Work:

Dracula - The Untold Story - Fictional Horror Story

Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad - Historical Novel about Friendship & Finding Love in the 19th Century

Little Friends Adventures - A series of illustrated Children’s Picture Story Books

Thriller Anthology  - Contributing Author to a series of short stories by OMP (a charity)

Pen & Ink Short Story Book  -  Short stories from winning entrants in the Pen & Ink Designs Competitions

Doyle’s Casebook  -   Mystery Short Story book about Tommy Doyle, Private Investigator

Roxanne  - A winning short story entry in the 221B Magazine

Who Dun  It  -  A winning short story  from the Open & Shut Short Story Competition Book

Factual Educational:

General Exercises    -   How Fit Are We - Vol 49

Aerobic Exercises    -    How Fit Are We - Vol 49

Exercise & The Heart  -How Fit Are We - Vol 49

Advertorials/Informative Editorials published in print and on websites:

The Sun Online   *   Disability  Now Magazine

Hertfordshire Mercury  *

Scotland on Sunday  *  Essentials Magazine

Crown Sports  Magazine  *  FHL Magazine

Mirror Newspaper  *  Health & Fitness Magazine  

Living Well Life x 3 Issues

LA Magazine x 2 Issues

Shop@Home Magazine x 3 Issues    

Independent on  Sunday (The Sunday Review)