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Doyle’s Casebook

An interesting set of short stories taking me back to the Micky Spillane era.

William (Whitley, UK)

Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad

I just finished your book and found the story line very interesting.  Are you planning a sequel  about Mary and Lizzie's lives after they are reunited in London?  

Betty B (Florida USA)

The Same As You

A Teenage Diary Unlocked - My young daughter read this small book and found it helped her to know that there are other people of her age who have suffered from depression and panic attacks. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us.   Elaine (Swansea, Wales)

Little Friends Adventures

Bought a set of the original 3 story books for reading to my young nieces who have found them delightful and interesting as they have simple quizzes and colouring pages which the children love.       

Jan N (St Gers, France)

Little Friends Adventures

Loved these books. And so did the kids. Looking forward to buying the new App when it comes out for my 3 years old daughter.

Katie (South Wales)

Pen & Ink Designs Short Story Book

A great collection of short stories by a variety of new writers. Enjoyed reading them.

Pat (Halifax, UK)

Little Friends Adventures

What lovely children’s books these are. The perfect gift for my daughter and made brilliant gifts for her friends for Xmas. Thank you.

Deb (Essex, UK)

Little Friends Adventures

Absolutely love the new books. So colourful and easy for children to follow.  Great Xmas gifts.

Jayne (Selby, Yorkshire)

Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad

Started reading the book this evening and can't put it down - I am over half way through already.  It flows so beautifully. Going to try to go to bed now, but really want to carry on reading.    Lindylou (Yorkshire, UK)

Little Friends Picture Books

As a teacher I love the new books. They are perfect for young readers and so colourful.

Fiona (Peterborough, UK)

Little Friends Adventures

Bought one of the newest Story books for my Grandson to help him learn English. He loves the  story and the colourful illustrations delight him.

Gillian (Belgium)

Little Friends Adventures

Just got Woodland Adventures for my Grandson who loves them. We are both enjoying reading the books together.

Lisa (QLD, Australia)

Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad

Great read. Just what I needed while recovering from an operation. Reminded me so much of a modern day  Jane Austen.

Ann (Cardiff, Wales)

My Family

What a charming fantasy story from this young writer. With colour illustrations this is a fun read for young readers 12+.

Helen S (Leeds, UK)

Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad

Bought the book to read on holiday. Really enjoyed it whilst relaxing by the swimming pool.

 Sharon (Leeds, Yorkshire)

Little Friends Adventures

Thank you for saving me from Xmas present panic. Saw the books at Sunflower & I. My granddaughter will love them, they are lovely stories.

Ann (Cardiff, Wales)