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Dear Friends:

Letters from Abroad

A light-hearted historical romance fiction novel which is the perfect read to unwind with.

Review: Great read. Just what I needed while recovering from an operation. Reminded me so much of a modern day  Jane Austen.


The News

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Dracula: The Untold Story

This first of two stories is a light-hearted tale of how one mans alto ego caused by playing the part of Dracula might have affected him?

Review: If you are deadly series about Dracula then this is not for you. But if you like light-hearted reads then you will enjoy this short book very much.



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Every three days there is a new upload with tips, ideas and information all aimed at helping new and developing writers progress along their writing journey.

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Yesterday I was asked should I be registering my work on a copyright register. I am often asked what is a Copyright Notice, what is it …


Something to keep the smallest member of the household entertained

The Little Friends Short Story Books

A series of books full of short stories and full colour illustrations which will delight any reader.

              Woodland      *           Garden          *        Farmyard

            Adventures              Adventures                Adventures

Review: Loved these books. And so did the kids. Looking forward to buying the new App when it comes out for my three  year old daughter.

Review: What lovely children’s books these are. The perfect gift for my daughter and made brilliant gifts for her friends for Xmas. Thank you.