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Latest News

Announcing the latest book release:

Dracula - The Untold Story

Two short stories about ‘Count Dracula’ and ones man slight obsession with him and the Legends and Ghost Stories surrounding the ‘Counts’ home - Whitby!

* * * *

I am also delighted to announce that all 18 of the Little Friends Picture Story Book Series - Woodland Adventures, Garden Adventures and Farmyard Adventures are now launched and are available in my book shop.

These story books are ideal for reading to younger children and then by  the children themselves as they grow older. Full of delightful colour illustrations the books are sure to appeal to everyone.

The Picture Story Books are complimented by the Little Friends Colouring Book, which has a selection of scenes from across all 18 of the Little Friends Picture Books.

Coming later in the year will be

The Little Friends Audio CD’s

And other exciting things!!

Check back soon for more details