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Having just spent 2 weeks in America on holiday as well as attending a family wedding I am now home ready to get back into the swing of things. Well, I will once I fully recover from the jet lag. The older you get the harder it is to recover and to get back into a good sleep pattern.

Plus of course I had to catch up on all my emails. Not that many really as I managed to keep on top of them via my iphone whilst abroad. My husband didn't and complained he had about 123 emails to sort through upon his return. Had I not been able to keep on top of the emails I would probably have had close on 700? Also Dropbox has proven to be a boon. All the wonderful pictures I took I managed to upload to my Dropbox account giving me time when I returned to sort and post to my private social media.  I love technology.

Another more interesting, surprising and pleasing item of news is that one of my four Grand-daughters, who live in Australia, and who loves writing poetry and fantasy stories has decided to set up a small business selling new and used books. She will also be blogging and wants to offer help to other potential writers. As I mentor writers of all ages she has asked me if I will support her in this venture. How can I refuse? Especially as 2 out of 4 of them are already in print so I certainly want to encourage this one as well. Waiting to see the finished results of her book and hopefully will get to see it in print as well.

(If you would like to support her in this new venture I would appreciate it. This is the link:  https://sinwillstand.wixsite.com/arcadia )

Reading has always been a big thing within our family. Both my daughters are avid readers and big book collectors. My youngest has often been heard to tell her kids 'in the event of a fire save my books before anything else!' Needless to say you can imagine their response as she must have over 400 books not including the electronic ones!!

Anyway, now I am back I am ready to complete the relaunch of the first set of the Little Friends Picture Book Story Book Series and get on with the finishing and launching the second and third sets. Then it's on to things new. The list is increasing so it's time to knuckle down and get some hard work done.

Young Writing Entrepreneur!!

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