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If you need help with your publishing problems then check out Pen & Ink Designs Publishing. Originally set up in 2012 they are recognised as a small independent publisher by the CCPW Welsh publishing group. We have worked with them and know some of the writers we have mentored or given editorial services to have also worked with them.

They are selective in the types of author and publications that they undertake and work especially with younger writers.

Details can be found on the Pen & Ink Designs website or by emailing for further details using the form below.               email:      

Authors Review - A big thank you to Ann Brady, Mentoring Writers, for rescuing me and taking me under her wing, when my book was in the doldrums, and publication fraught with never ending delays. She gave me hope and now the reality of publication, at last. I am most grateful. Maureen Gannon author of The Survival Guide to Giving Birth 2021