10 Oct 2022 - So what a crazy month September was for me. Having got back into the swing of things following the loss of my younger brother we had another family funeral to attend. Very emotional time for the hubby.

However, following that we were off to Ireland for a week of visiting with lost family. Its been 55 years since my hubby met his Irish cousins so it was laughter and reminiscences all the way. Still we had fun and we visited the best WW1 exhibition ever at the Cavan County Museum. There must be a couple of good stories to come out of this trip somewhere along the line.

Podcasts are doing so that is good news plus, I’ve been having fun publishing a couple of books for a couple of authors. Have another fun one due out shortly after which I intend knuckling down to so some more writing.

And just when the best laid plans of mice and men, well this woman, I only go and have my 4th booster jab and promptly start suffering with some Covid symptoms. Hell, your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Very annoyed as I’ve been so careful for nearly 3 years and wham bam it gets me. I am not a happy bunny.