Oct 2021 - So Doyle’s Casebook trilogy is well on it’s way and I am pleased with the results. Suddenly I love having been bitten by the writing bug once again.

On the publishing side I have launched the Mentoring Writers 2021 Short Story Book. Aimed at adult readers the book will surprise people with the variety of the short stories enclosed therein. Worth a read. I am however, still waiting for movement on gaining control of my books. Wish people would pull their fingers out and get on with it?

Over the last year I have been a fairly regular member of Lis’ Poetry Place - a monthly poetry group who has met online via Zoom to chat about poetry. Lis, the organiser, has compiled a collection of the poems we submitted during the year into a new book titled One Year of Poetry 2020-2021 and it is brilliant. Lots of great reviews. I am so delighted to have been part of this new venture and to be continuing being a member into the new year. If you want to join us please do.

We only meet once a month - here is the link: