Nov 2021 - Doyle’s Casebook Trilogy has now been fully published.

I have also opened a new Lightening Source account (instead of my Ingram account) so they can at last start the movement of all the books I am going to take control of. Whoopee - feeling more positive.

I’ve finally taken on the two new mentees from the Page Turner’s Award 2021 and we’ve started the ball rolling.

It’s going to be an interesting time as they are both writing fiction based on real family history.

And my youngest mentee, Lorella (aged 10) is feeling better after a hiccup with her health. Mind you the beautiful images produced by my illustrator Cerys Edwards for her Picture Book, ‘Jolly loves Jelly’ are amazing. We are planning on publishing her book in the New Year . It’s going to look a really great PB.