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Choosing to write and using a pseudonym or pen name is one question many authors ask themselves. There are many reasons for not using one’s own name, and these can range from wanting to keep your writing private, to financial, and even family reasons. To-date I have always chosen to write using my own name as I didn’t think it mattered. That was until I wrote The Brampton Musketeers, hence the use of the name Robina Brooks. Whether or not I shall write more under this name or other pen names I do not know. Maybe, maybe not.

ROBINA BROOKS - The Brampton Musketeers:  Being launched March 2022

Having wanted to experiment with a new style of writing, the content within this book is a contrast to the other works I have created ie Children’s Picture Books and historical fiction. As such, I didn’t want to muddy the waters. Whilst the stories contained within the book are a figment of my imagination they are based on some factual events that happened to people I knew in my early years. The names are of course fictitious. The question though, is whether you can determine fact from fiction as the events are in the main true to real life. I hope my readers will enjoy learning about the Brampton Musketeers' journey as they travel through those times in their lives that are portrayed in this book.