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As an author I delight in encouraging new writers, especially the younger ones, to progress their writing abilities and potential writing career.

Working  alongside other professionals the Kids4Kids Organisation mentors younger writers, as well as reviewing, editing and publishing their work as part of a free mentoring programme offered by the Organisation.

During the summer of 2018 Kids4Kids launched a small poetry book by new writer Yami Gray.

The book, ‘Can You Hear Me,’ contains a number of poems written by Yami (a pen-name) between the ages of 11-15 years old and some lithographic black & white images created by her.

This year (2019) we published a fantasy story written by a young writer aged 15 years old, called Anya Elisabeth (pen-name), titled ‘Charm of the Chosen One.’

Our latest young mentee - Lorella Pacey aged 11 - launched her debut picture book Jolly Loves Jelly (2022) with the book proving to be a great success.

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For the older writers, I work alongside the Mentoring Writers organisation whose services include mentoring in writing, and reviewing and editing of manuscripts for authors world-wide.

Details of some of these books can be found in the ‘Guest Books’ section of my shop.

If you are a writer and would like assistance with your writing and/or the publishing process please feel free to contact either of the above Organisations or myself to discuss or request further details.

If you are aware of a young writer or illustrator who you believe might benefit from our assistance then also please feel free to contact me.

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    Ann Brady (direct email):

Thanks Ann. I was so pleased with all your suggestions for my draft PB. It read so much better. It’s funny to think I’d gone over it so much and yet missed so much. Cognitive blindness still there even when you know about it. 😂😂I have fibromyalgia and had a mini stroke a while back so my head is often not working to full capacity. I drive my husband up the wall! 😂I can’t thank you enough for this, it is so very kind. I get imposter syndrome a fair bit but this one act of kindness from someone with your experience and knowledge has actually made me feel like a real author... I can do this! Hopefully once this pandemic is over we will be able to meet.   

Kindest regards, Claire.