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As an author I want to encourage new writers, especially the younger ones, to progress their writing career.

Through the KidsWhoWrite and Kids-4-Kids Organisations I have mentored a number of young writers. Working alongside other professionals we have reviewed, edited and published their work as part of a free mentoring programmer offered by the Organisations.

During the summer of 2018 we launched a small poetry book by new writer Yami Gray. The book contains a number of poems and some lithographic black & white images. The poems were written by Yami (a pen-name) between the ages of 11-15 years old.

Currently I am helping in the completion of a manuscript by another young writer, aged 15 years old, again through the mentoring programme. She has written a fantasy short story  which we hope to have published  later this year.

Details of some of these books can be found in the ‘Guest Books’ section of my shop.  

Besides younger writers, I have aided older writers by reviewing and editing their manuscripts prior to publication. These authors are based in America, Australia, India, South Africa and of course the UK.

If you are a writer and would like assistance with your writing and/or the publishing processes please feel free to contact me to discuss or request further details. Or if you are aware of a young writer or illustrator who would benefit from assistance with their work then also please feel free to contact me.

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