1 May 2023 - Well, we are over one quarter of the way through the new year and close to seeing the new King crowned. I am of an age where I can say this is the second coronation I will have seen. Boy do I feel old hahaha. Still, despite all the hoo-ha that has been going on I suppose the majority of us are okay with the continuation of the monarchy. I must admit I don’t mind having a new King even though I liked the Queen very much. The disappointing thing to me is that a lot of people are being rude and are making disgusting comments about the King and his family. I often wonder how they would feel if they were to find themselves in the same sort of situation? Hey ho I suppose that’s life but shows a great lack of manners and human kindness.

On a lighter notes I took a second visit to the local Everyman Cinema. I quite like sitting in the settees or big comfy chairs watching films. This time I went to see The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry written by Rachel Joyce. I must admit I thought the production was exceedingly well done, with Jim Broadbent playing the lead role brilliantly.

I once met Rachel Joyce at a writing retreat at Ty Newyff, Criccieth, where she came as a guest author. She was one of the most open and welcoming authors I have ever met, answering all questions from new and aspiring writers without any reserve whatsoever. I love authors who are willing to share their craft with new writers and who willingly share the writing process of their book.

This is a great film, but then Rachel also wrote the screen play so maybe that’s why it also came across as being true to the book. If you get a chance to go and see the film do so. You will love it.

Still having a few problems with one of my emails. Company is transferring them to an upgraded server. Hopefully they will sort it soon as its most infuriating. I do hate technology at times. As my husband keeps saying “they must be out to get me,” lol.  And that’s it for today. Til’ next time.