22 Mar 2023 -  Well it’s been a busy couple of months recently. I have been judging yet again for an Australian Writers Competition and I am due to do the same for the equivalent in New Zealand. I love judging as I get to read a wide variety of stories (first couple of chapters) that give me an insight to future books and best sellers.

This last week I did a very naughty and what some authors/readers would describe as being sacrilegious? Due to a previous publisher not supplying an author with a draft of their completed book and then withdrawing publication the poor author needed a copy to reissue. After trying all attempts to obtain a copy I have, unfortunately, had to cut an old copy of the book up so I could clearly scan the words onto the computer. Now the author has a good edited and formatted version of his book ready for re-publication. Sad ending for the original version but the new one will be brilliant.

Other good news is that the podcasts I do for the Mentoring Writers Resource Box has been listed No.2 in the top 150 UK podcasts this last week. I have to say how chuffed I feel, if only for this week. Thanks to FeedSpot for recognising us. At least I know someone is listening to me prattle on - ha ha ha. Until next time.