18 Mar 2022 - Time has passed and I appear to be getting more and more frustrated. I am still recovering from the knee operation and I think this is affecting my ability to concentrate as I find the knee aching a lot. Overall I am mending well but I reserve judgement until I have seen the Surgeon next week.

I did, at last get a Mentoring Writers Newsletter launched. Decided to throw as much at it as possible and make it a quarterly issue until such time as I am fully operational. Seems people have enjoyed reading it. Due to a glitch in the system I have ended up losing all the back-copy Newsletters so am feeling frustrated over that. Another annoyance to add to the list.

My books are now up and running with Lightening Source although at least 6 will need to be redone and one is still in the process of being amended due to a faulty file. Another annoyance being let down by the previous publisher. Still as the saying goes if you want a job done, then do it yourself. Oh well back to the drawing board.

That’s its for now will update shortly. Keep smiling folks and stay safe.