The Missing Ants

Flora Frog is enjoying the sunshine when she hears Abby Ant’s relatives, Annie, Alex and Andy Ant are missing. Bella Bee and Dolly Dragonfly and Boris Wasp want to help find them. Soon Boris Wasp returns with good news and before long the missing Ants come sailing down the river. Everyone is happy especially Abby Ant.

Little Friends The Missing Ants & Ouch It Hurts book


Little Friends The Woodland Christmas Ball book

The Woodland Christmas Ball

It’s winter time and all the Little Friends are getting ready to go to sleep. But first they are going to have a big party. Flora Frog gets everyone to tidy the clearing. Bella Bee polishes, while the bugs gather food. Sammy Spider puts up cobwebs for the Glow-worms to hang from. They even ask Jenny Wren, Basil Blue Tit, Timmy Tortoise and Dora Dormouse to come to the party. There will be music from the Ants. There is going to be lots of fun. Every one loves Xmas. Do you?

Playing Hide & Seek

Dora Dormouse is going to have tea with Timmy Tortoise when she sees Alex Ant playing hide and seek. But Alex has a problem? He needs to count to ten before he can go to find the hidden ants. Dora tries to help but has to ask Sammy Spider. But even with Sammy’s help they still can’t count to ten. When Godfrey Grasshopper comes along he tells them what to do. Do you think you can you help Alex Ant count to the right numbers so he can find the hidden ants?

Little Friends The Woodland Christmas Ball book Little Friends The Woodland Christmas Ball book

Ouch! It Hurts

Bobo the Baby Rabbit is playing outside with his brothers and sisters. When he gets tired he goes to rest, almost sitting on top of Emily Hedgehog. Emily is frightened so rolls into a ball, surprising poor Bobo who doesn’t know about Hedgehogs. Did you know they have prickly spikes? Emily tells him why she has them and how she didn’t mean to hurt him. Once Bobo knows about the hedgehogs prickles he and Emily become good friends.

Little Friends Timmy's New Friend & Playing Hide & Seek book Little Friends Bella's Birthday Surprise book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend & Playing Hide & Seek book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend & Playing Hide & Seek book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend & Playing Hide & Seek book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend & Playing Hide & Seek book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend & Playing Hide & Seek book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend & Playing Hide & Seek book

Timmy’s New Friend

Timmy Tortoise is a sad and lonely tortoise. Timmy hasn’t got a friend so Dora Dormouse tries to help him. Timmy tells Dora about Sammy Spider, Fred Fox, Sarah Butterfly and The Ants. Timmy Tortoise thinks they are all special animals so can’t be his friend. Dora Dormouse has a brilliant idea as to who can be Timmy’s friend. Can you guess who it is?

Bella’s Birthday Surprise

Flora Frog, Godfrey Grasshopper and all the Little Friends are in the woods. They are organising a birthday party for Bella Bee. Dolly Dragonfly, Bennie Bug and Betsy Beetle, along with Sarah Butterfly and Leah Ladybird will be there. Carrie Caterpillar is going to find a birthday present and Godfrey Grasshopper the cake. Everyone will be at the party including Freddie Fly, the Glow-worms and Sammy Spider. Even the Ants are coming. Come and join in the fun and see how happy Bella Bee is.

What A Busy Bee

Bella Bee loves collecting Nectar. She visits the flowers in the garden every day. Kitty Cat, Jenny Wren and the fish in the pond are out sunbathing. Come down into the garden to see which flowers Bella visits today.  

A Very Good Day

Spring had arrived in the garden. Big Fish was awake and Kitty Cat was going to visit the farmyard. Bella Bee was collecting Nectar. Big Fish wanted to know why so Bella told her what happened. Would you like to know why she collects Nectar? It’s very interesting?

Kitty Cat Shows Off

All the Little Friends are meeting in the garden because Kitty Cat is bringing someone special to meet them. Why don’t you come along as well and find out who it is. You will be surprised.

Time To Eat

Karla Koi was making lots of noise splashing about in the pond. She even woke Marty Mole up. Karla is very hungry so when Bella Bee comes into the garden Bella goes to look for the lady from the Big House. Bella hides in case the lady is scared of her. Do you know? Read the story and find out.

I Think I’m Lost

Basil Blue Tit is gathering twigs when he is surprised  by a big fluffy ball. It is Snowball the Rabbit who is on her way to visit her sister Poppy in the garden but she is lost. But Snowball isn’t alone. Her babies are with her. When Timmy Tortoise comes along he offers to show s the rabbits which way to go. Why you don’t you help him?

Marty is a Lonely Mole

Marty Mole lives under the lawn in the garden and he is lonely. He goes on an adventure to find a new friend who will come and live with him and keep him company. Marty searches in the garden but can’t find anyone so he starts looking across the fields. Digging his way under the corn fields he finally spots a mole hill. Do you think Marty will be lucky and find a friend to live with him?

A Sunny Day

Clara Cow is lazing in the field with her sisters enjoying the sunshine and the quiet. But it seems she is going to have lots of visitors. Find out who they  are why and why they are  passing the field that day.

A Surprise at the Farm

The Farmer has built a new pen but the Little Friends don’t know who it is for. Penny Pig and Hilary Horse are trying to guess what the Farmer will bring home with  him to put in the new pen. Even Freddie Fly has a go and thinks it will be a new tractor. Everyone is guessing. When the Farmer returns home the Little Friends are surprised to see…   You need to read the story to find out. Do you think you know who it was?

Freddie Fly’s Day Out

Freddie Fly is fed up because his brothers won’t play  games  with him. He decides to go exploring and flies across the field to the next farm where he meets Clara Cow and her sisters. Clara tell Freddie why she and the others are special cows. Read the story and find out what is different about Clara and her sisters that makes them very special, especially for children!

The Football Match

The Farmer and his family have gone out for the day so the Little Friends decide to have some fun and have a football match. Hilary Horse and Betty Cow are to the team captains and Penny Pig, Rover Dog, the chickens and ducks as well as all the other Little Friends are going to join in the fun. Read the story to find out which team wins?

The New Chickens

Daddy Cockerel has been  crowing loudly because the new baby chickens have hatched from their eggs. They are very cute but Mommy Hen doesn’t know what to call them so she asks the Little Friends to help her. Penny Pig, Hilary Horse and Rover Dog give the names they think along with names from the other Little Friends. See if you can guess what Mommy Hen called each chick.

Too Much Noise

The ducks are having a race to see who can run the fastest. But they are also making a lot  of noise which is upsetting some of  the Little Friends. Every time they start running someone sends them away. Rover Dog soon comes up with a good solution and tells them where they can run around and make as much noise as they want. Can you guess where it will be? Read the story to find out.

Little Friends Colouring Book

An assortment of scenes for colouring in from across all 18 books of The Little Friends Picture Story Books.

A total of approx. 50 single-sided pages