28 June 2022 - Well, it seems that no matter what I do when it comes to limiting my workload I am still busy busy busy. I know I shouldn’t complain but it means I end up not doing some of the lesser stuff; such as updating my News page. Anyway I found a quiet moment where I could finally bring you all up to speed.

So, the last few months have seen me building up to producing lots of good work. I have been working to complete a new debut picture book for Lorella Pacey, a young writer aged 10/11 who has written Jolly Loves Jelly. A super read for the young kids. I am also in the throes of completing an Illustrated Guide (Picture Book) for adults about the destruction of the planet. Watch out for this one folks its unique.

Besides the books I have been judging the Page Turner Awards and have managed to choose my potential winner or winners. Announcement to be made soon. And on top of all that I am working my way through the new audio recordings of my award winning novel Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad.

So there you go… as I said busy busy busy.

Until next time!