15 Jan-2023: Happy New Year to one and all and welcome to the latest news update. Well me and him indoors had a relatively quiet Xmas and New Year this time around. Normally we go away but decided to just keep out jammies on and relax. Was great.

Leading up to Xmas I had been quite busy judging quite a few writing competitions for an organisation down under. Third year of doing this. Read some great stories and even received a couple of comments from entrants - all incognito of course.

I also launched a new book for an opera singer friend of mine. Strangely not about opera but a small memoir for her children who don’t quite believe the stories about her and their Uncle when they were children living in Jakarta. The tale includes man-eating dragons, poisonous snakes and dangerous butterflies. Even I loved this one so I am sure so with the kids. It’s aimed at middle grade age.

The unique downloads of the podcasts I do for Mentoring Writers are increasing daily which shows that the topics must be of interest. I am going to review which topics have received the most reviews and do some podcasts based around that subject.

Well that’s it for now. Until next time. Keep writing.