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Little Friends Children's Story Books.

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My  E-Books are created in either PDF or EPUB format. The eBook’s file format determines how you open the file:

EPUB: This is a standardized electronic publication format featuring reflowable text suitable for use on most eReader devices except the Amazon Kindle, which uses the MOBI eBook format (see below for Kindle instructions). EPUB files can also be opened and read on your computer if you have installed an eReader software on your computer, such as the free Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions readers.

PDF: This is a file that can be downloaded, opened, and viewed on your computer, laptop or tablet, using the free Adobe Reader. All eReader devices (Kindle, NOOK, iPad, Kobo, etc.) can also open PDF files once the file is added to your eReader’s library.

Links to free eReader software: Calibre                Adobe eReader     

KINDLE: If you have a Kindle, which reads eBooks in MOBI format, you can still download and read my eBook following these few easy steps.

1) From your laptop or computer, choose and purchase my eBook.

2) Download and save the EPUB file.

3) Go to

4) Upload the EPUB file for conversion.

5) Download and save the converted MOBI file.

6) Attach your USB connection from your Kindle Reader to your Computer.

7) Move the MOBI file to your Kindle Documents directory.


Your new book will be available for selection from your Kindle bookshelf.