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These books are part of the Kids4Kids Organisation Writing Project

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Price £4.99 ea


Pen & Ink Short Story Book


Price: £5.99 ea

The Same As You by K-A Graydon

 My Family

A  fantasy  story  written by  a young 13 year old about her  family. Her story and descriptions are based on her love of Halloween characters. This is a light hearted look at how she views her family in a fun and unusual way and is aimed at younger readers.

The story won a ‘Commendation’ from the judges of the Winchester University Writing Competition.

The Same As You - A Teenage Diary Unlocked.

The true story about the problems a teenage experienced suffering  from ADS (Anxiety, Depression and Suicide). This is  a small time piece from the life of a 17 year old learning to cope with life’s difficulties. Taken from her diary this is written in a way that young teenagers who feel they are alone and suffering similar experiences will be able to relate to. Now used as recommended reading by an Australian Psychologist organisation helping youngsters cope with life's traumas.

The Pen & Ink Designs Short Story Book

This book is a collection of short stories from the winners and runners-up of the competitions run by publisher Pen & Ink Designs. The stories are varied and unique and are written by a variety of international authors.

My Family by Leah Procter

Paperback  £5.99

Kindle         £1.99


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Price £8.99 ea


Written between the ages of 11 and 15 years old Can You Hear Me is a collection of poems by a new young writer living in Australia. The poems are unusual and are perhaps darker than one would expect from one so young. Yet, they are in the moment and reveal a great deal on the reality of life. Included in the book are a number of lithographic (Black & White) images which will make the reader reflect on what they see and read. Well worth the extra cost.