Feb 2022 - So it’s over four weeks since my op and I am still trying to recover. Having no sleep for nearly four weeks has not done my disposition any good. And, despite promises made, my books were not transferred to my control until just before the Xmas holidays. Unfortunately there were some errors in the files moved across meaning most of my books have not been available for sale for the last couple of months or more. As Queen Victoria would have said “I am not amused.” In fact I am extremely disappointed.

On a positive note this has made me more determined to ensure that when I work in my publishing business I do the same as in all my work - the very best I can for my clientele.

Fortunately, as of today my head is getting back to normal and I have only about 8 of my own books now to sort.

Next will be the completion and launch of Maureen Gannon’s new Parenting book, followed by Lorella Pacey’s Picture Book. Also some new podcasts are live and I have more to follow shortly so keep listening.