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If you need editorial help with your writing please note that I offer an assortment services through the Mentoring Writers website. These services include:

                                          *     Readers Report  -   Review & Report of the first 5 Chapters of your manuscript

                                          *     Review & Edit      -   Review and edit of your manuscript from line edit to full

                                                                                       manuscript edit

                                          *      Proofreading       -   Pre-publishing proofreading of your manuscript prior to

                                                                                       submission to publisher or before self-publishing

All details can be found on the Mentoring Writers website or by emailing for further details using the form below.

    Kids4Kids Organisation:

    Mentoring Writers:     

    Ann Brady (direct email):

Readers Review & Report - I worked with Ann and Mentoring Writers recently, and have found her to be very generous with her comments. I want to thank you so very much, your help is hugely appreciated. I will most certainly be needing further advice as I think you provide a very high quality service and if there is a Forum whereby I can endorse your support I would be pleased to do so. Highly recommended. Martin, Wales