Dec 2021 - Can you believe it we are coming to the end of what has been another difficult year. Before going off for a few days holiday - Warner’s for oldies! - I am reassessing my future activities. This will start with what to let go off when it comes to doing the work I love ie. helping new, developing and even established writers in the writing world. There are going to be some changes due to my re-opening my publishing business. But hey ho that’s okay - after all it’s all fun, fun, fun.

Also got a new novelette ready for publishing. Titled The Brampton Musketeers this is a side step from anything I have ever written before. This is mainly due to it being more adult orientated and I have struggled over the idea of whether or not to write under a pseudonym or not. My hubby says don’t bother. To be honest I agree. At my time in life if I make a few hairs curl on people then so what, ha ha!

Well that’s it for 2021. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. Don;t eat too much or get too drunk unless you feel it’s necessary. Oh, and stay safe everyone.

See you next year.