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‘Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad’ an Historical novel about friendship and finding true love.

“Whether you settle down on the beach, snuggle up on the settee or like to read in bed then this historic romantic story is an ideal relaxing read for you.

Story Summary:

Mary Watson’s life has been hard but fortune smiles upon her when she is befriended by Lady Elizabeth (Lizzie) Victoria Mountford, only daughter of Lord & Lady Mountford.

This is a friendship that should not exist, as they come from different levels of society, yet it does. Sustaining each other during the good and bad times of their early lives, they will retain strong bonds throughout the rest of their lives.

Each young woman suffers, in her own way, the trials and tribulations that life throws at her; yet each manages to face and come through her individual ordeals with the help of her friend.

Lizzie faces challenges she has never had before, proving that she is stronger than the outward appearance portrayed by her gentile manner and upbringing; showing the world that she is every bit a lady.

Mary, on the other hand, finds herself in the predicament of having to choose a new way of life; one she has no experience or knowledge off. But, she too proves to be a strong character as she takes  up the challenges offered her; and winning against all odds.

Both young women learn to grow up fast. Going from innocent carefree young girls into ladies of some standing within polite society. And along the way both meet and fall in love with the men who will change their individual lives forever.

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The Greatest Diva (draft title)

To be released 2019 a new historical novel based on the life of an opera singer from the Welsh Valleys!

Living in the time she did this star suffered the male chauvinism of the 19th century meaning life was not always how she wanted it to be. The lady, who married a number of times, led an exciting and interesting life. One where she mingled with the highest of society.

 This will not be so much a biography but more an interpretation on how I see this remarkable lady enjoying her many years of performing and stardom.


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New edition being reissued late 2018

New novel for  2019