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As an author I have helped many new, developing and even some established writers with their writing process. As such I am now referred to as the Fairy Godmother of Aspiring Writers and have built up quite as following on my social media and through the Mentoring Writers Resource Box Podcasts. Many writers from across the world often contact me for my views and assistance when it comes to the world of writing. I am also recognised as being reliable, fair and understanding when it comes to judging writing competitions. This has led to my receiving some wonderful feedback which I don’t normally share. However, I thought, here on my website, I would include just a few of the more recent ones received. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.  

Hello Ann, Thank you again for all the work you do on my stories. You have done so much work on this one that I may have to include you on the title page as co-author.??? At first I did not quite understand your reference to psychics until I realised that once again I had fallen foul of the bloody auto correct, the word I actually wrote was Physics. I hate it when a software program outsmarts me. I hope that part of the story now makes sense to you. I spoke with Cerys last night and she is going to move a little faster getting a LD profile done so that I can complete the website etc. will talk again soon I hope. Regards, John   Wales.

I've been mentored by Ann for over two years now and find her to be a wonderful mentor and as very gracious lady. She has many years of experience and is extremely generous with both her time and information.

I write mostly children's books, although Ann has also helped with an adult novel I am planning that is still in its inception stages.

Sue Cole - Australia

I finished narrating God's Buried Children and it is now on Audible. Also in the end at the acknowledgements I said: "The author would like to thank Ann Brady from Mentoring Writers for editing and guidance."

Thank you for your support over the years!

Daniel, USA

Book review & edit:

Wow!  That was quick!!

I really appreciate the comments. I know that there are certain words I over-use.  Thanks for pointing this out.  I am going to go through it all in depth tomorrow, but I am sure I will be fine with everything you have suggested.

I am really grateful to you for doing this for me.  I can now plan the launch and can decide when to put it up for pre-sale, which will be soon.

Mary Jones, Nth Wales, UK

I read your email and yes, my schoolwork will definitely come first (I love my schoolwork). I agree with your suggestion about starting with picture books and then my experiences, and I’d really like to work with you.

Lorella Pacey, age 10 UK

I wanted you to know that I've sent out a bunch of the short story books to family and friends and the feedback has been tremendous. I also visited an indie bookstore in famous Asbury Park NJ (where Bruce Springsteen got his start- a true NJ hero) and they took both books in to sell and will be doing a book signing for me in July. I'm so thrilled. Just wanted to pass praise on to you for putting it together. You are a wonderful Mentor. Thanks again. Maureen Edwards, New Jersey, USA

Editing/Formatting Services:

Having  read Mythynys for the first time in ages, I really like the story, more than I did when I first wrote it. 

I have painstakingly read through the V1 draft of Mythynys. I too must be honest, but with myself. I did not realise how crap some of it was until I could see the changes you made, when I was checking it side by side with the one book copy I still have.  You use the word ‘changes’ which is a nice way of saying Restructuring or altering  - which it needed.

I have always looked at you as my mentor, then editor and publisher. But, if you keep doing this I will have to name you as co-author. 😁🤔😀😁. Maybe one day I will be a better writer, as long as you don’t lose hope. !!!  Thank you so much for all your hard work. 

Sebastian Stumblebum Wales, UK