This was a story created by a number of authors who each wrote one chapter and who were interviewed by Ella Wydrzynska for ‘The Storyteller Interview’

The Story was started by one author and each week a new author would write the next chapter based on prompts, ideas and suggestions sent in to the radio station by members of the public, and a summary of what had been written the previous month. It was an unusual and quite exciting experience as we authors that followed the first one couldn’t read the story only the prompts and comments of the public.

Chapter Four By Ann Brady:

Galaxon didn’t take kindly to being called a nitwit, especially by his mother. It really annoyed him and if it wasn’t that he needed Frank he would have eaten her there and then. Picking up the handbag he opened it, and in a stern voice told the badger she had better start working out where the two rings were - Or else. Frank knew exactly what Galaxon would do if he didn’t get the rings but, there was no-way she was going to help him destroy two dimensions. No way! She needed a plan. The question was, what?

Back on S.S. Dishwasher, James, Freya, Trevor and Gerald were discussing what to do next.

“I’m not sure you two humans will be much help,” said the crocodile.

Gerald ‘tut tutting’ loudly said, “And I’m not so sure you are right Trevor. There has to be a more specific reason why Galaxon is after the rings. His race has been very quiet for a long time. We need to find out why. Let’s contact 007 to see what they know.”

“Err, 007?” queried James.

“Animalian Intelligence. Owl Outlook post number 7. They’ve been spying on Galaxon for us,” Gerald explained before he and Trevor left the room.

Laughing, Freya said, “Just for a minute I thought they were talking about James Bond.”

Laughing too, James looked at her, saying, “Me too.”

“You know, I wish there was something we could do to help them,” said Freya.

“Yes. But what?” And sitting down they began to think about it.

When Trevor and Gerald returned, they had some news. “It seems Galaxon is trying to find the rings so he can complete a school project,” said Trevor.

“What,” said James and Freya together. “No way.”

“It’s true,” replied Gerald. “If he passes the exam, he becomes a proper evil pan-dimensional being, just like his parents.”

“Well, we will have to make sure he fails then, won’t we,” said James determinedly. “Did 007 give any clues as to what we can do?”

Gerald and Trevor looked at each but neither spoke. Eventually Gerald told them, “Galaxon is holding Frank the Tracker Badger captive. If we can rescue her it will prevent Galaxon, or at the very least delay him, from finding the third ring. Also means it will give us time to find it and safely hide it away.”

“Well, come on then, what are we are waiting for,” announced Freya excitedly. “To the rescue we go!”

No-one spoke as they looked at Freya. Until Trevor, quietly for him, said, “It will be very dangerous as we will have to go into enemy territory. Are you sure you want to risk that?”

Freya and James looked at each other, a silent message passing between them. They had to save the world somehow. After all they had their families to think about.

“Yes,” the pair answered in unison.

“Maybe we could get some help? My Mum will help us I’m sure, and there’s Skippy my dog,” suggested James.

And so, it was agreed they would go back down into the sewers to collect James’ Mom and Skippy the dog, making them honourary members of ARAGH.

‘Well, at least until the world had been saved,’ thought Trevor.

Plans were made and soon S.S. Dishwasher was flying its way across the universe and back underground into the sewers of Lincoln. When they arrived, James was shocked to find his Mum was no longer there.

“What’s happened to her,” he asked.

“It seems that Galaxon has ‘borrowed’ her,” explained Gerald.

“What. No. That can’t be. We have to rescue her,” shouted James frantically.

Trevor shook the boy gently. “Look, James, right now your Mother is just one person. We have two whole dimensions of people and animals to save. As long as Galaxon thinks we don’t know he’s got her then she’s safe. Anyway we can rescue her at the same time as we do Frank. Come on we can’t waste any more time.”

Reluctantly James agreed with what Trevor had told him but he wasn’t happy about the situation, deciding if he got his hands on Galaxon he would punch him on the nose. Very hard indeed.

“Okay,” said Gerald, “Trevor, wake Skippy up.” Trevor did so.

“We could take one of the other adults with us,” suggested Freya.

James looked around. “Yes, what about Bob. He seems very nice. Maybe he will help us?”

Although Trevor and Gerald weren’t over keen on the idea of taking a strange human with them, they finally agreed to the suggestion so Trevor released Bob from his trance.

“What the... where am I. Phew the fumes must have got to me. I feel a little dizzy,” Bob announced.

“There isn’t time to explain,” James told him. “My mum has been kidnapped and the world is in danger. These two are members of the Animalian Federation and are trying to save us all from being destroyed.”

On hearing this Bob started laughing. “Ha ha ha... I think the fumes have gone to your head as well, Jimmie boy. Come on enough of the joking. Where’s your mum really gone?”

Trevor, stepping forward, began explaining much to Bobs surprise, what was happening. When he had finished the look on Bobs face said it all.

“This isn’t a joke, is it?”

And in unison they all replied, “No.”

Arriving back on S.S. Dishwasher the animals and the humans made plans to invade Galaxons home.  They would have to do it in the dead of night so as to be able to sneak in and out quietly.

At precisely 2am James, Freya, Bob, Skippy and Gerald were transported into the corridor outside of Galaxons bedroom. With all the snoring noises coming through the closed door they could tell he was asleep.

Quietly Bob picked the lock then carefully he turned the handle. The door opened outwards. Using an oil spray on the hinges so they wouldn’t squeak, Bob pulled the door open just enough for Skippy to be able to squeeze through. Gerald had picked up a piece of cloth from Frank’s Yellow Boiler Suit which had dropped off while Galaxon had been in the sewers earlier. Skippy sniffed it before entering the room. It would help him find where Frank was being kept a prisoner.

Silently and carefully Skippy slipped inside the room.

“Look for a handbag,” whispered Gerald. “That’s where Frank is being kept.”

Slowly crawling across the room, Skippy sniffed until he found the old handbag.

“Are you in there, Frank?” he whispered.

Frank couldn’t believe it. Had someone come to rescue her. “Yes,” she whispered back. “Can you get me out?”

Although Skippy tried, he was unable to open the catch so, picking up the handbag in his mouth he headed for the door. He had nearly reached the opening when the snoring stopped and the light suddenly went on.

“What are doing,” snapped Galaxon. “Put that down, it’s mine,” and he jumped out of bed to grab the bag.

Skippy held on for dear life and just when he thought all was lost Bob reached inside the door, pulling him and the handbag outside. Bob then yelled for someone to shut the door before he set off running down the corridor, dog and handbag held tightly in his arms.

Galaxon slipped into the James’ mum suit and gave chase, raising the alarm as he went. Soon the corridors where filled with evil pan-dimensional guards. Despite this, James, carrying Gerald in his pocket, plus Freya and Bob, still holding Skippy and the handbag, managed to stay ahead of them. But, as they turned the next corner, they were faced with a group of guards waiting to catch them.

“We need to split up,” yelled Bob and taking the next turning right he raced away down a corridor. James, Gerald, and Freya decided to do the same taking the next left meaning the guards had to split into two teams to chase after them.

On and on they ran. Down corridors, up flights of stairs and around corners until finally James and Freya hit a dead end. There was nowhere else to go. But, waiting for them was Bob and Skippy. They had managed to avoid being caught.

“What are we going to do?” panted Freya. “There doesn’t look to be anywhere to hide. We are going to be taken prisoners.”

“No worries,” said Gerald. “Here Bob throw this at the wall,” giving him a round, blob of custard. Doing as instructed, Bob threw the custard and all at once a hole appeared. It was filled with a bright yellow light.

“What are we supposed to do now?” asked Bob.

“Jump in,” said Gerald.

Looking at the hole Bob could see nothing but custard! Then shouting, “Here goes,” and he dived into the Yellow swirl, disappearing. All they heard was him shouting, “Whoopee!”

At that moment James’ mum appeared around the corner.

Turning to look at her James called out, “Mum,” and he starting moving towards her. “Are you okay?”

“James Bayalgette Biggles, you get over here this instance or else,” his Mum told him sternly.

Freya, who was just about to climb into the hole stopped and stared. She had never heard James’ mum use his full name like that. Neither had James.

Gerald whispered loudly, “Don’t go any closer. It’s a trap.”

“What,” said James.

“That’s not your Mum. It’s Galaxon in a suit to make him look like her.”

Backing up James asked his Mum, “What did you call me?”

She stared, then moving towards him she repeated what she had said. But as she moved forwards, James moved backwards towards the hole.

“Come here this instance,” she demanded.

“I don’t think so,” James called out and turning he pushed Freya into the hole before diving in himself. The moment he passed through the entrance the hole closed shut.

Galaxon was furious. They had escaped with Frank the tracker. How on earth was he going to finish his school project now. He was going to make them pay for this somehow.

To be continued…

Copyright Ann Brady 2019.