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Born in Yorkshire I now live in Cardiff Bay, an area I love. I have been a writer for approximately thirty years. During my working life I created, developed and ran some of the first successful retail websites in the UK. One of those, EFL (short for Exercise, Fitness & Leisure) was awarded the American Golden Web Award for Design, Creativity and Content for 3 years in a row. This was due to my having blended not just information relating to the products being sold but to the extensive number of informational editorials relating to exercise, fitness, health and leisure pursuits suitable for all ages and abilities. This website catered for home, commercial and disabled users being one of the first of its kind in the UK.

Through writing for websites, I was also commissioned to write many factual pieces for inclusion in advertorials, editorials, newsletters, newspapers and magazines as well as Educational Tutorial Booklets. Also, during my working career, I was a speaker. I organised and hosted many exhibitions and similar events. Speaking is something I have continued since retiring so I am available for such events.

When I retired from business, I took up fictional writing. A totally different writing process in which I started a new learning adventure, one I am still enjoying. Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad was my first attempt at writing a historical novel. I followed this with the original 3 set Little Friends Adventures Story Books, now reissued as The Little Friends Picture Story Book Series consisting of 18 individual books. Later I tried my hand at Doyle’s Casebook, a mystery short story book. I have also run writing competitions and published the results in a short story book.

With a strong love of history, the late Dorothy Dunnett is one of my favourite writers. Her ability to ‘marry’ fact and fiction in her writing has been extremely well done. She leaves the reader with a belief that the fictional characters/events are real and/or did exist in history, even if they didn’t. Apart from writing my other interests include history in general, visiting historical buildings, reading and travel.

In recent years I began working with other potential authors, offering them help through Pen & Ink Designs. For those younger writers under 18 I mentor them through the ‘Kids Who Write’ and the ‘Kids4Kids’ organisations. Working alongside other authors, illustrators, editors etc I make every effort to publish their writing. Links to these sites are below.