24 Aug 2022 - Well everyone I hope you have been keeping as cool as possible while still enjoying the lovely weather we had during July and early August. I found it too warm to work in my little glass Cwtch so ended up on the settee with a mini fan plugged into the laptop.

I have managed to upload some more podcasts to the Mentoring Writers Resource Box Podcast site and we are pleased to note we are standing at 10,885 unique downloads. According to my friend who is a big podcaster that is not bad for a small podcaster like myself, so I am very happy.

I am also pleased to say I have now been signed off from the hospital with my knee. The Specialist is pleased with my recovery and it’s just a matter of time as I build up my walking strength again. Mind you I will be pinging like crazy when I go visit the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) down here in the Bay lol.

Nothing much further to report other than being busy reviewing and editing a couple of manuscripts for two lovely authors. Looking forward to a short break soon. Take care everyone.