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AUDIO - Mp3 / CD’S

A selection of Audio Mp3 / CD’s - being launched late 2018

Playing Hide & Seek

The  Ants playing Hide & Seek and it Alex has to find them. But he needs to count to ten before he can look for them

Audio CD Title Page Playing Hide & SeekAudio CD Title Page The Missing Ants

The Missing Ants

Abby Ant has lost her brothers and sister and asks Flora Frog to help her find them.

Ouch It Hurts

The rabbits are playing Tag but when Bobo gets tired he sits down on Emily Hedgehog and finds how she defends herself!

Timmy’s New Friend

Timmy Tortoise is feeling sad because he hasn’t got a special friend so Dora Dormouse decides to help him find one.

Bella’s Birthday  Surprise

It’s Bella Bee’s Birthday so the Little Friends have decided to give her a surprise party!

The Woodland Christmas Ball

It’s getting cold in the woods so the Little Friends decide to have a big ball before settling down to sleep for the winter

Audio CD Title Page Bella's Birthday SurpriseAudio CD Title Page Ouch! It HurtsAudio CD Title Page The Woodland Christmas BallTimmys New Friend Image