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Little Friends Children's Story Books.

Dear Friends is an Historical novel about friendship and finding love. It is set in 19th century England and the America’s. The story is a relaxing read.

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Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad Book Doyle's Casebook Mystery Book

These books are 240 x 240 mm and come direct from the Author.               To have it dedicated to your child and signed by the Author please fill  the details in the form below when ordering

The first series  in the Little Friends Picture Story Books

“Woodland Adventures”

Doyle’s Casebook is a collection of short stories based on the Casebook of Tommy Doyle, Private Investigator

Little Friends Bella's Birthday Surprise bookLittle Friends The Missing Ants & Ouch It Hurts bookLittle Friends Timmy's New Friend & Playing Hide & Seek bookLittle Friends The Woodland Christmas Ball book

Bella’s Birthday Surprise

The story of the Little Friends planning a surprise party for Bella Bee

The Missing               Ants

Abby Ant has lost her brothers and sister so needs help finding them

The Woodland Christmas Ball

The Little Friends have a party before settling down for the winter

Timmy’s New Friend

 Timmy Tortoise is lonely and sad and he wants a friend. Dora Dormouse tries to help him find one.

Little Friends The Woodland Christmas Ball book Little Friends The Woodland Christmas Ball book

Playing Hide & Seek

Alex Ant is trying to count to ten so he can go find the other ants. Can you help him?

Ouch! It Hurts

Bobo the rabbit  is tired from running around and when he sits down he meets Emily Hedgehog

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