19 Aug 2023 - It’s been another busy few weeks. Still trying to get on top of the podcast for the Mentoring Writers Podcast Show. Getting there slowly.

Also finally uploaded all the details for How To Write A Novel in 12 Easy Steps Workshop on the Romance Writers of Australia Academy Website. Boy has that been an interesting journey. Still it is finally complete. All I have to do now is sit back and see if there are any takers for the Workshop.

I am one step closer to completing a new Children’s Picture Book titled ‘Mostyn and The Dragon.’ This new PB is going to delight a lot kids, and dare I say it adults who read it to their kids. The images are starting to come together and should be finished within the next couple of weeks or so. Sean, the new author, has gone on holiday feeling very excited as I dropped him a draft version of the book using the sketches so he could get an idea what it would like. As Hannibal from the ‘A Team’ is always saying, ‘I love it when a plans comes together!’

My translator is also doing a great job with the conversions of The Little Friends Picture Books. First lot of Welsh versions hopefully going live in November - fingers crossed!!!

I’ve got lots more planned but I just need more days in the week. Lol.  Oh! And I have just been accepted as a judge for the BBC Radio 2 - 500 Words Children’s Writing Competition again. It’s going to be fun folks.