09 Sept 2023 - It invariably frustrates me when people who take on certain roles within an organisation, whether paid or otherwise end up showing a total lack of professionalism in the way they handle the simplest of problems. I have been experiencing one or two technical issues recently, mainly due to upgrades, new websites, new servers etc. In these cases I generally expect to get frustrated and a little annoyed when a problem isn’t resolved either quickly or to my satisfaction. In these cases I tend to tell myself - “Ann, they are ‘techies’ you are dealing with. When they talk to you they don’t understand that you have had close on 40 years experience working with, designing, creating and building websites. In some cases you started before they were even born… ha ha ha!” At such times I just sigh and try not to lose my patience. Eventually they get the message and I get my problem solved.

But what really, shall we say, p****s me off are those people who appear to deliberately ignore you. This has happened with an organisation I joined at the beginning. No problem then. No problem through out the first year of membership. But when their system failed to send me an invoice for me to pay the renewal fee they have since totally ignored me and now won’t even answer my emails. So, what do I do? Good question. Maybe it’s because I don’t speak Welsh? Mmm… I wonder.  Anyway, I have decided to join a far bigger, better, more established organisation. To be honest, I am now looking at it as their loss - not mine.