06 Jan 2024 - Happy New Year to you all. I have to admit that due to a fall three weeks before Christmas I decided that I needed to take a break and rejuvenate my batteries. I have been working non-stop all year but am happy and proud to achieved some great results, so I am not complaining.

Unfortunately due to the pressure of work one or two things have suffered. Mainly my podcast show and my own writing. But hey ho it’s a New Year and I am going to set a new resolution to dedicate at least a set amount of time per week to writing my own stuff. Considering I have at least three novels to finish as well as other stuff I think I can see some days when I burn the midnight oil.

But hey, that’s why I do what I do because I love doing it.

I was also able, through Pen & Ink Designs. to be able to launch 5 new books this year, finishing 2023 with a total of well over 40 books now being available through my publishing company. There are a number of others sat in the out-tray waiting to be completed ready for publication, meaning 2024 will start on a high.

On the Mentoring side we have a small selection of wonderful new mentee's who are benefiting from the services we offer. And we have also had some success with the Autumn launch of our Workshop ‘How To Write A Novel in 12 Easy Steps’ both at home and down under in Australia.

There are a number of podcasts due to be uploaded onto the Mentoring Writers Resource Box Podcast Show so if you are into learning more about the writing world then check it out. Links can be found on the Mentoring Writers website or on Libsyn, as well as all good podcast outlets. Details for the first two are:



That’s all for now folks. All the best for 2024 and remember keep writing.