05 July 2023 - If there is one thing I love doing it is talking to people, especially authors. It is surprising the most amazing things you can discover about someone just by saying hello and chatting. This week saw me once again, on behalf of Mentoring Writers, chatting to a wonderful interesting author I have had the pleasure to work with.

The results of my labour can be found in both podcast and YouTube formats and it is titled In Conversation With… MK Jones. Mary Jones is a lovely Welsh writer who brings her love of genealogy, crime and history into some great stories. In our chat she tells us how she got into writing, all about her latest books, and offers our listeners some very important tips to help them become great writers.

Mary has a good following, with readers who are eager to learn more of the characters in her two series - The Maze Investigations and The Curiosity Club of St. Foy.

Both versions of In Conversation With… MK Jones can be found on the following links: