05 Feb 2024 - It appears that my love / hate relationship with technology finally reached an all time low this last month. This was due to the update of my hosting provider to a new system and the transition of the websites I operate  to that system.

I have worked within the Internet and with websites for close on 40 years. Ever since the Net first appeared here in the UK - I think that might show my age!! Over those years I have experienced many times when the Net went down or we lost our system due to some programme gremlin finding it’s way inside the computer so this is nothing new for me. Unfortunately, this time is the closest I have come to almost admitting defeat and calling it a draw. My husband says the air has been blue around the house as I try to resolve the situation, as no matter how much IT Support think they are helping in the main they often hinder.

The question, of course, is how and why do they do this?

Well it’s nothing new and isn’t done maliciously. It stems from being too knowledgeable about the subject matter. The problem is that IT Techies talk like Techies, often forgetting that mere mortals, even ones like me who do have a good understanding of the subject matter, can still be flummoxed if you don’t speak in basic language terminology.

The good news is they’ve listened to me and finally my websites are back on line working well.

Was it all frustrating? It surely was.

Did I get to the point of pulling my hair out? Yes I did.

Was I almost ready to call it a day? Almost.

However, being a stubborn Yorkshire Lass I decided no-way is any damn machine going to beat me. And it didn’t. Watching a couple of YouTube videos and reading a few forums I resolved the issue and won the day.

Am I a Warrior?  Hell yes I am. I’ll fight to the death to win overthose Techies anyday - so watch out in case I come gunning for you!!

Just so you know I am once more a Happy Bunny. Having my websites back up and running is the best birthday gift I could get, so I say Happy Birthday to me.