02 Mar 2024 - This last month as seen me in conflict with the techies!! You should know who I mean. Those guys (and maybe some gals) who decide that the system we have been using and which currently works perfectly well, appears to need updating. Of course, they need to do something about it. The problem is they screw it all up and then we are the ones who have to find the problems they have overlooked- or could they have just ignored them. So, apart from 123-reg and Microsoft, I have now had to have a ‘constructive’ conversation with Wordpress. I must say that they did solve the problem ‘pdq’ - so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Anyway, so far things are running smoothly. Damn perhaps I shouldn’t have said that because you can guarantee something else will go wrong. Hey ho, that’s technology for you.

Anyway, just as I thought things were going straight and the judging season was over it appears that I forgot the last one for the organisation I judge for down in Australia. So, this week I have been doing judging for the fourth year. Wow what a variety of stories to read.

I’ve also been trying to catch up on my podcasting uploads. I went out of my way to record about 16 podcasts but then forgot I had to edit them so they got pushed to the side while I did other things.

Ahh well. I think I need a secretary. Or at least someone to organise my days and time. Especially as this week I have a fullish diary.

Fortunately I got a new book formatted and book cover designed for an author. He appears happy with the result so apart from waiting for the website designer to confirm that the websites for the author are up and running I am ready to go with the publishing.

Next on my agenda is to adjust my dress ready for my granddaughters wedding. I am still in two minds about doing it. Some days I am full of confidence that I can make the adjustment with no problem. Other days I think the opposite. The good news is that I have lost the weight I put on over Christmas and New Year so that’s a positive.

Oh well, here’s to a more settled March.